Madagascar – Ranomafana

An early start to national park 240 000 ARI for ticket and guide for 3 people. After crossing the bridge we went into the rain forest with a guide and spotter. We saw 3 types of lemurs, one was getting extinct in this park, few frogs, insects.

Madagascar - Ranomafana 1

Andreja got wet, bit, hit. In the end, there was a nice viewpoint. Walking was a bit up and downhill, a bit slippery. So we went all muddy to the hotel for a shower before leaving. We stopped in Firaontsoa in the top Tsara Guest House Restaurant with classical music, a beautiful setting, and a view.

Madagascar - Ranomafana 2

I had medium zebu steak, for 3 it was 125 000 ARI. Afterward, we went for a drink in a local bar in the street with Jerry. We missed the here train by one day, a thing I regret on this trip. After 3 hours we arrived at the bungalow at Aux Bougainvilleas in Ambalavao, 80 000 ARI. Night in town with rum and talk to some locals, 50 000 ARI.

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