Mangily #3

The next morning we got a letter from Marko who was waiting for us at reception, asking to meet with him later at his place. We went to Chez Lala, Marko made us Slovenian barcaffe coffee. We had a nice talk accompanied with had a few beers. Later we had pasta with “frute di mare” for lunch. The main activity was catching flies with a flycatcher. In the afternoon I rested in a room a bit, girls went to the beach. In the evening we visited Iztok where we met his lovely family, Irinah and infant son.

Mangily #3 1

He made us pasta with Slovenian mushrooms (jurčki), which was really tasty. We had a few drinks, I broke a chair, we changed some €, the small kitten fell from the roof. Later we moved to Pata pata bar and from there to bar Blue. There we had a crazy party with Iztok, locals and the most popular song from the presidential campaign. We return to our rooms late/early.

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