It was time for the last 10 hours Greyhound (91C$) bus ride to Kalamazoo over Detroit at 1 AM. There I had a nice talk to a Korean girl studying for a nurse in London, Canada. She was sick between the ride and had to run to the toilet. After she left I had two seats for myself until Detroit. At border, procedure was quite long. First, everybody stepped off the bus, they checked our bags, we went inside, then we went to some office and waited until day checked our passports. The whole process lasted around 1 hour.

Soon after we arrived in Detroit (6:30 AM). I had to wait there for more than an hour for my next ride to Kalamazoo. My experience at Detroit bus station was more of a “meh”. Firs vending machine took my 1$. I went outside, but the station was in the suburbs and nothing was around except grey buildings and cold wind. Inside I saw a Quaker couple, that was my highlight. So after a few cigarettes yet another bus to Kalamazoo.

Kalamazoo 1

At the station, Eduardo was waiting for me, around 10:30 AM. After he took me home shower was imperative, while I was almost 30 hours on the road. After refreshing myself I joined him, Roxanne and their friends at brunch. There we had some nice food and talk, but I remember juice with champagne. With Eduardo, we went downstairs and left ladies to themselves. We played a few games on the Wii. Eduardo won in football/soccer game. For sure it was his South American blood 🙂 Later we took a walk around town and had few IPAs ($?) and I tried some fried Brussels sprouts (Taphouse, Fuze). Later in the evening, we went out for dinner to some Italian place. I had a salad and tried a slice of pizza ($?). Back home we watched Stepbrothers, but I fall asleep before the end on the couch, so I moved to bed before 10 PM. I slept for almost 9 hours. Obviously the whole trip was catching up with me.


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