Anja NP

After breakfast, we eat now traditional mango for cultural holiday 40 000 ARI. Baobab fruit was not OK, dry and not edible. We went to Anja – local community park just outside of Ambalavao, 250 000 for all. There we saw in 2 hours a lot of ring-tailed maki, chameleon, snakes and took some nice photos.

There were a lot of canna flowers. In the park, there was some climbing before reaching the viewpoint. After we finished our walk we sit a bit with local kids that had some interesting insects. After 3 hour ride we arrived in Ranohira, we went to a local restaurant for some zebu and rice, 4 000 ARI per person. We were staying at H1 bungalows, there we had few drinks at the pool, for dinner we had Italian pasta and later rum and music in our room. With breakfast, drinks, laundry it was 380 000 ARI.

Anja NP 1

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