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Brno is city in Czech Republic, known for medieval Špilberk Castle

uhrturm graz

Home over Graz

I woke up early again but as it was the last day and I stayed in a 5* hotel I relaxed a bit longer in bed. Finally, I got out around 9 a.m. I...

Jindřišská Tower, Prague

Prague and Brno

After not enough sleep same routine: bathroom and packing. While didn’t have time the day before I took a walk in Wroclaw. In the old town I forgot about the time, so I had...

statue in Brno

Brno 21

I woke up early, 5:30. An hour later I was on a train. There were some problems with seats because they changed coaches. But the train was nice, multimedia, wifi, water, newspapers, view of...