Malaga-Vienna 21

I woke up at 7:30, after the bathroom, I packed my things. Boško went out for coffee. We took the metro to the airport, 3 €. Some people had problems at check-in, for boarding new rules applied. Good for us, we had a booster shot.

Malaga-Vienna 21 1

The airplane was empty, I was relaxing on 3 seats. Vienna was cold. Lost and found there is a joke, I tried to pick my sleeping bag, but they are open 4 hours a day (later I paid 45 € for delivery). With a train, we moved to the center, 3 €. At the station Mitte, we entered the center, from there to Stephan Platz and cathedral, by the river we moved to Hundertwasser project and finished circle at Mitte mall.

Malaga-Vienna 21 2

After coffee at Mc Donalds, it was time to say goodby. Boško was cold after wearing all he had with him, I was better off because I had a warm jacket. Before leaving he bought some pasta. I returned back to the center, meeting with Borut and Miriam there.

Malaga-Vienna 21 3

For dinner, I ate Vinner Schnitzel (23€), had a few beers at Stadgraben. We went for a mulled wine in Stephandome (4 €), they closed at 20h. From there we went to Bokshorn Irish pub, 50 €. At 22:00 hours all is closed, so we were kicked out. We went with some locals to night stand, 30 €. We had some problems with WC. And then I had a long walk in front of me to hostel Wombats (30 €) in cold weather. First I talked to some guests there and then to the receptionist from Serbia.

Malaga-Vienna 21 4

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