Magnificent Iceland

Another of my notes, This time it is trip to Iceland. While I had 4 days to spend (weekend+companies vacation+holiday) I was in search of potential trips. Finally I found flight from Vienna to Reykjavik with Wizzair, 105 EUR return ticket. Main goal would be to drive ring road in 3 days with some stops on the way – the goal is the path!


Sum of all cost was 810 EUR (tickets, car, transfer, food, drinks, …), out of it most went for transport 514 EUR , 111 EUR was drinks, 80 was food, other 105 EUR. Trip lasted 96h, 24h was getting there and back, 12h in Reykjavik (walk and hostel), 60h was on the road (30h driving, 12h sleeping, 18h all the rest).As for general impression, trip was what I expected. Nature was great, so I could manage all the driving. Done what have planned. But there is still lot to do there. Maybe one winter I’ll visit this place again.

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