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Jokulsarlon, lake, iceland

Magnificent Iceland

Another of my notes, This time it is trip to Iceland. While I had 4 days to spend (weekend+companies vacation+holiday) I was in search of potential trips. Finally I found flight from Vienna to...

Sólfar - Sun Voyager, reykjavik, iceland

Iceland Capital – Reykjavík

An alarm clock was set up at 6:30 so I could do one more trip, but I ignored it and slept until 9, get up slowly, bathroom and breakfast. It was time for a...

farm, iceland

North Iceland

After a few hours of sleep I proceeded, had breakfast and decided to take another detour, extra 3h/250km by coast instead of Ring road. So I stopped at one farm, seeing dog, sheeps, goose,...

vik, iceland

Iceland East

At Vik went to a black sand beach with the purple sky as a background. Moved over some black swampy area, some lava fields covered with moss. Stopped at Laufskálavarða, put my stone in...

iceland flag and church

Iceland South

So I would pack my gear on Friday night and go to bed at midnight. After 3h I was woken by a mosquito, went to the bathroom, had some breakfast and was ready for...