Iceland Capital – Reykjavík

Iceland Capital - Reykjavík 1
Sólfar – Sun Voyager, reykjavik, iceland

An alarm clock was set up at 6:30 so I could do one more trip, but I ignored it and slept until 9, get up slowly, bathroom and breakfast. It was time for a walk around the capital Reykjavík. Saw a few important attractions, the church was most interesting, back to the hostel for a beer to spend last of local currency (1 EUR 140 ISK).

Iceland Capital - Reykjavík 2
Hallgrímskirkja, reykjavik, iceland

Talked to local couple, they were in hostel while their flat was flooded. To gas station and returning car. At airport had one hour to spend, bought some souvenirs 15 EUR and last beer (stout) on road 7 EUR. At gate it was crowded, on flight didn’t sleep again. In Vienna got Nomago bus, almost missed it. On road talked to drivers and finally I was at home at 4 AM to get few hours of sleep before going to work.

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