Valencia-Granada 21

We took breakfast at the hostel, 3.8 €. Our original plan was to start early in the morning with Bla Bla cars to Granda. The night before they canceled our ride and the next one in the morning. Boško didn’t want to take a bus. At the reception, they tried to help us with our ride but without luck. So we had to accept a new reality and move around noon to the bus station. There we took a ticket over Murcia to Granada for 42 €.

Valencia-Granada 21 1

So, in the end, after all of the cancelations, we had to take a more expensive and longer bus ride. It meant we are going to miss the football game between Granada and Athletico. Not taking the bus before and hoping for Bla Bla cars costs a game and a day.

Valencia-Granada 21 2

Now we had to spend somehow 3 hours. We spend it in a local restaurant, eating things we randomly ordered, drinking beer, and listening to bingo on TV. The waiter didn’t speak English but did his best. Also, guests were interesting, bringing their food there. This was probably the nicest part of the day. It was time to return back to the station. We moved over shopping mall El Corte Ingles.

Valencia-Granada 21 3

On 3h ride, I slept a bit, also saw a bull statue by the road. In Murcia, we had 2 hours before moving to Granda. We walked from the station to the cathedral, passed the nativity scene and Christmas market. We sat in a bar for a beer, 2€. On our return, we tried some savory and sweet pastry from the bakery, 2 €, and beer in Spar for 0.6 €.

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The next ride was better, we had more space and stretched in back on empty seats. It meant some sleeping again, the first time more than Boško. In Granada, we arrived after midnight. It was a bit fresh and we had in front of us 30 minutes walk to hostel with beer from Chinese shop, 1€. Some procedures to enter the ECO hostel (16 €) this late, big room, nice shared space. I was in bed at 00:30.

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