Granada-Cordoba 21

I woke up at 7h in separate room from Boško, because of my snoring. After coffee and shower it was time to check out and move uphill to Alhambra, 14 €.

Granada-Cordoba 21 1

We were late for the first entry so we lost half an hour. There is some confusion at the entrance, Ticket is time-limited for the palace but it is 10 minutes away from the entrance, and without knowing you can be late. Inside the palace, we could admire many carved details on the walls, columns, and ceilings. Carlos V palace was interesting as a circle garden inside the square building. Some nice views from Alcazar fort on Albaicín district. There are also Gardens to visit but in winter they are nothing special. It was time to head downwards back to the hostel and pick up luggage. On our way, we stopped for a beer and an interesting mixture of different dishes (Bourek De Espinacas, Arroz Basmati Con Pollo, stuffed eggplant) at Papas Elvira, 20€.

Granada-Cordoba 21 2

We had now to take a 30-minutes walk to the station, almost missed bus. This followed by 3 hours ride to Cordoba. It started to rain on our arrival there. We walked to an old town with nice streets that reminded me of Mexico. After 30 minutes of waiting, I entered Mezquita, 11 €. Finally saw this impressive colonnade with red and white arches. In the middle of the mosque, there is a cathedral

Granada-Cordoba 21 3

The rain didn’t stop so we were walking in rain and sat on our way for beer and coffee. At the mall, we had a meeting point with our Bla Bla cars driver. We arrived early and ordered Mc Donald’s menu, Boško applied for free Mc Flurry. They were a bit confused there, 9 €. Now we waited in rain for our driver. After some SMS he arrived an hour earlier. He had VW Polo, an ok car, we sat in the back, the driver didn’t bother us, we listen to nice music, 15 € per person.

Granada-Cordoba 21 4

Through rain, we moved to bad pension Javier in Sevvile, 12 €. China shop on our route. Boško fell asleep quickly, I joined 1 h later. He woke me up because of my snoring. The second time I woke by myself, weird feeling in a room.

Granada-Cordoba 21 5

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