From Vienna to Valencia 21

The flight to Valencia was from Vienna airport. We arrived around 2 AM by bus to the airport. The flight was at 6:55 so we had some time to spend. Also, I had no sleep on the bus night before, so I was sleepy.

From Vienna to Valencia 21 1

We wandered around confused, even I was at this airport 20 times. Before security check, we found some space on the floor but without sleep. After security check, we slept in the children’s playground until some kids jumping around woke us up at 5 AM. We ate a homemade sandwich and run towards the boarding gate. I lost my sleeping bag, notice it too late.

From Vienna to Valencia 21 2

Flight with Ryanair was OK (12€). I stretched on 3 empty seats for 1 hour. When I opened my eyes flight an attendant tried to sell me perfume but sold me a beer instead (5 €). We landed at 9:35 and after searching for the bus stop we took a bus to the city, 3€.

From Vienna to Valencia 21 3

In Valencia, I was on my birthday there as well 5 years ago, with Miha. We made a short circle in the city center. We sat in a bar to salute that occasion, tired. Many wishes started arriving, some 300 during that day, on different channels. It felt nice, maybe it annoyed Boško with the phone making noise all the time, so I silenced it.

From Vienna to Valencia 21 4

Out of the city center, we walked toward the south. Over green Turia park (previous it was riverbed) we moved to white City of Arts and Sciences with impressive architecture (L’Hemisfèric, Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe, L’Umbracle, L’Oceanogràfic, Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, Montolivet Bridge, Assut de l’Or Bridge, L’Àgora). After passing the Christmas market I stretched there on a bench for a while.

From Vienna to Valencia 21 5

On return to the city center, we grabbed some pasta (pesto, fast food, 5.5€, beer 2dl 1.5€). Finally, we arrived at the River hostel (12 €), good location, crowded room, ok bathroom, nice shared space, helpful staff. First I went to bed for 2 hours, sleep deprivation the day before was the reason.

From Vienna to Valencia 21 6

After a shower and IPA 3€ at the hostel bar, we walked by some street art in the El Carmen area to the basketball Fuente de San Luis arena – La Fonteta. On our way, we stopped at Estrela de Kabul for shwarma with fries and coke, 6.5€.

From Vienna to Valencia 21 7

We were lucky that Andrej told us there is a game of basket between a local team and our team from Ljubljana – Olimpija. We bought tickets (15 €) and went for a beer before the game began (2 €). Eurocup game started slowly, teams were exchanging in the lead but in the end, Olimpija won confidently 97:85. After the game, I waited for the team to come out and congratulated in-person to Blažič and Murić. A slow stroll back to the hostel followed and a bit after midnight I was in bed.

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