Frankfurt airport missed flight

When I was working for Adacta I was on project Generali Romania. That meant I went to Bucharest once per month for almost two years for 3 or 4 days. We would need two flights to get there because there in no direct flight from Ljubljana. Most of the time we would fly over Vienna, a few times over Belgrade, and even sometimes Frankfurt or Warsaw. Depending on what was optimal timing and price. At that time I was on more than 50 flights.

Frankfurt airport missed flight 1

One stuck in my mind. This time we went over to Belgrade with Nino and Nataša. I had to wake up before 5 AM and we were at the customer around 13h in suits. It meant long hours than dinner first and second days. On Friday we were bound to return home. We were at the airport back in comfy clothes, but the airplane didn’t leave the airport on time because of some storm. So when we arrived in Frankfurt we were late for our connecting flight. Nino was optimistic and ran, but no luck.

So now it was time to stand in line and try to arrange something. Lines in Frankfurt airport at such an event are enormous. when it was our turn we just got vouchers for a hotel (each in a different hotel) and instructions to return the next morning. At the hotel, I got for dinner some cold leftovers and went for a beer with other travelers with similar problems.


Next morning at the airport I met Nino, who arrived earlier and arranged a ticket just for him at 10 AM, so me and Nataša were stuck. They tried to put us on flight at 8 PM but Nataša made them squiz us at 4 PM. Now we had to spend 8 hours before the flight. We didn’t wish to go to the city. So in the beginning we opened our laptops and did some work until we run out of battery. I went and bought Gerbera for Nataša. She found a place to recharge her computer and continued to work and I went for a not-that-cheap beer, not just one. Finally, we arrived home but I lost one day of my weekend and spent some money. One of the joys of flying.

Frankfurt airport missed flight 2

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