60/90 HRT-Vukovarski vodotoranj-15.5.2016

In Zagreb, the concert ‘Everyone for Vukovar – a donor concert for the Vukovar Water Tower’ was organized on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of radio and 90th anniversary of television to restore the Vukovar Water Tower, which is a symbol of the war of independence. The concert was on the main square, Ban Jelačić Square. Many musicians responded to the invitation to participate in this humanitarian concert: Jazz Orchestra HRT, Vatra, Tony Cetinski, Ivan Zak, Colonia, Tomislav Bralić and klapa Intrade, Best Croatian Tamburitza Players, Gubec Quartet, Gabi Novak, Radojka Šverko, Tereza Kesovija, Jacques , Massimo, Vanna, klapa Sveti Juraj of the Croatian Navy, Ivan Mikulić, Ruža Janjiš, choir Concordia Discors and Jole. They raised over 1.2 million kuna through donations, where calls were received by politicians and celebrities.

Tri dive – Zagreb

My aunt and cousin were visiting us. They were returning to Zagreb and I joined them to attend the concert. After arriving with Kenan, we went for a beer at a nearby bar. We arrived a little after 9pm and we miss a couple of starting performers. During the concert, few shy drops of rain were there, but there were no major problems. It is definitely a nice part of the concert where different generations of Croatian musicians from Gabi and Tereza, as well as the music of our generation Cetinski, Massimo, Vanna. There wee also performances in between that didn’t get too much of my attention, but it wasn’t annoying. In the end, the concert was quite a beautiful experience, socializing accompanied by likable music.

After the concert, my cousin took me to the bus station, I waited there another hour before the night bus took me to Ljubljana. After two hours ride it was finished, I needed to take a taxi home. It was time for a shower and a short break before I headed to work.

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