Return home 22

In the morning I was searching my way back to the hostel, with tram and metro, closed my eyes for a second, and missed the station. Arrived soon enough in a hostel for checkout. I missed an early train to Vienna (already paid 15 €). So at the station, I checked options for a journey back home.

Return home 22 1

The next train was at 14h (32 €), so I had some time to spend. In Burger King had a meal, 10 €. Finally, I was on the train to Vienna. I tried to get some sleep but it was not comfortable.

Return home 22 2

In Vienna, I decided to stay on this train while its last station was in Graz. But this was expensive (48€). Again long hours of train. Good that I had cookies from Zbynek’s wife.

Return home 22 3

In Graz, I decided I had enough and want to get home so I run for the next train to Ljubljana (32 €). At this moment I was really sleepy and alone inside my coach. In Ljubljana train stopped at 1 am, after 11h of rides from Prague. With taxi (7 €) the last ride to home and my bed at last.

Return home 22 4

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