Fresco in Ljubljana

After a long time, I went to Fresco for lunch with Boštjan. This is a restaurant right next to the Bavarian Palace – Bavarski dvor and is only 5 minutes away from work, on foot. There they offer a daily set of dishes (soup, salad bar), a la carte choice, student menus, and on the corner of the restaurant they even have fast food – Slast (Delight).

Fresco in Ljubljana 1
Fresco čevapčiči

I opt for classics, čevapčiče with kajmak and Boštjan for pizza with prosciutto. My dish represents a huge portion. In addition to 10 čevapčiči and bun, you also get a portion of baked potatoes. There is also ajvar, kajmak, onion, and chili powder for us that love spicy. All this for € 7.5 and pizza for € 6.5.

This is definitely a place where you should go if you are nearby and hungry, you don’t have much time, you don’t want to spend too much and therefore you don’t expect culinary excesses.

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