Gibraltar-Malaga 21

At 6 AM Bosko woke me up, I was not in the best shape. We moved to the port where we were picked up by Bla Bla cars driver. She drove us to Gibraltar, 7 €.

Gibraltar-Malaga 21 1

We arrived to La linea before sunrise. At the station, we tried to check when is a bus to Malaga, saw it was at 11h and from there we moved to Gibraltar on foot. Passing border control (just checked ID) now we walked over air stripe. We walked uphill to some famous stairs and it started to rain. Under some roof, we found shelter, had a beer that was left from the night before. On our return, we found an only opened bar for coffee and beer.

Gibraltar-Malaga 21 2

When we returned to La Linea only the bus for Malaga was gone. On some paper, it was written that the only bus is at 10 AM. So now we started searching for new solutions and we were not the best at it. I was a bit weak and laid down on the bench. Boško tried many Bla Bla cars without luck. I tried one late in the evening 7 km away ( 13 €). But we decided it is too late and took a bus ride over Algeciras, 15 €. It was traveling backward but from there we had more options. There we had more than an hour so we ate kebab, 3.5 €.

Gibraltar-Malaga 21 3

In Malaga, we walked from station to Light hostel. The hostel was not bad but a few things were missing, small rooms, with rooftop terrace, 19 €. We got 1 cup of sangria for free. I gave my laundry to be washed there, 7€.

Gibraltar-Malaga 21 4

Later we went around the city center. They had nice decoration and some performance with lights. I ate a falafel, 6.5 €. During the night my snoring bothered my roommates.

Gibraltar-Malaga 21 5

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