Cental Asia day #1 Ljubljana to Istanbul

In the morning I had my first tour around Ljubljana for Blaž’s colleagues (10:-14:30). A nice experience, went home, ate, and slept a bit. Then my sister with niece took me to the airport, and we picked up Boštjan in Savsko naselje on our way, 18:30.

At Brnik airport saw a new part of the terminal, a nice addition. Then followed security and waiting. Our flight was delayed and we had a tight schedule for a layover flight. Finaĺy got on the plane and heard “Is there a doctor on the plane”, somebody got sick so more delay and we knew we knew we were missing the second flight. I won a bet, 2x beer in Bishkek, but still… Got a good meal there, a beef patio and some potatoes, Efes beer. Also, enough leg space, and I sat by the window. They extended business class by a few rows? We flew with Turkish Airlines – four flights Ljubljana-Istanbul-Bishkek and back for 457 €.

Cental Asia day #1 Ljubljana to Istanbul 1

In Istanbul, we found a Turkish airline desk and moved to another less crowded desk. We got a boarding pass for the next afternoon. Now we had to find a hotel service. We followed instructions, and it meant some more walking. When we arrived they were quick, even if it looked confusing, and after 40-minute drive on a shuttle, we arrived at a 5-star hotel in Yeni Bosna, Gorrion.

Cental Asia day #1 Ljubljana to Istanbul 2

In the hotel, after checking in I bought cigarettes, 116 TRY-3.8 €. They woke someone to open the store for me at 3 a.m. I smoked one and to my room, which looked as it should. I had to check a few things online and then the bathroom. I fall asleep at 4 am.

Cental Asia day #1 Ljubljana to Istanbul 3

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