uae - silhouette

uae – silhouette

United Arab Emirates is country in Middle East, Asia

United Arab Emirates flag - Združeni arabski emirati -Ujedinjeni arabski emirati zastava

United Arab Emirates flag – Združeni arabski emirati -Ujedinjeni arabski emirati zastava

sunset in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Middle East for 1 month

My trip to Middle East was completly unplanned. I got good offer and I changed job. So now I had to spend 1 month of vacation days in short period of time (2 months)....

bus Vienna-Ljubljana

Abu Dhabi to Vienna

After last night I was a bit tired, so i didnt wake up early. Even when I got up, I slowly packed than bathroom, spoke with roomies in hostel. Finally with Nico we went...

stars, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Back to Abu Dhabi

I woke early, transport with owner to airport, 5 omr. We had a tea on our way there. Nice small airport they have. but slow service. Soon I was on the plane, again at...

airport Muscat Oman

Abu Dhabi to Muscat

I woke up, after shower I went out. Close to hotel was just stadium of FC Al Jazeera, so I went there. All was closed, shop should open in few minutes but it didnt....

Louvre, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Dubai to Abu Dhabi

I woke up, ate breakfast and waited for laundry, 38 aed. Guy was late 1.5h and wanted tip? Than I moved to bus station and took bus to Abu Dhabi, 25 aed, nol card....

Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE


I woke at 11h, after bathroom and picking up laundry hour late I moved out. Walked among gold and spices souks to channel. In shop I bought water and Toblerone for breakfasr, 11 aed....

port, Kuwait

Kuwait to Dubai

I woke up at 8 am, had some tuna for breakfast, fall asleep again while watching TV. After shower I checked out at 11 am. I went out into glomy weather, walked north to...

rain, Kuwait

Abu Dhabi to Kuwait

It was early waking up after little sleep, packing and checking out this morning. With bus to Yas island, F1 circut was accesible just with tickets. So I went to biggest mall in city,...

UAE Presidential Palace , Abu Dhabi, UAE

In Abu Dhabi

This morning I woke up late, slowly packing, check out at noon and checkin in next 5 star Corniche hotel for 112 €, got a room with sea view. Now I moved to Palace...

Wizzair flight Manama,Bahrain-Abu Dhabi, UAE

Back to Abu Dhabi

I woke up early, showered and started walking toward main mosque. On my way I saw old part of Manama, graveyard, park, palace I couldnt enter. After passing few big crossroads I arrived. There...