I woke at 11h, after bathroom and picking up laundry hour late I moved out. Walked among gold and spices souks to channel. In shop I bought water and Toblerone for breakfasr, 11 aed.

Dubai 1

Than I crossedc chanel with boat taxi, 1 aed. From pier I walked some more to metro station, bought transport card 25 aed. At Dubai frame I got of metro, entered park to rest and for a view, 5 aed.

Dubai 2

Again I was in metro, this time to Dubai mall. It is extremly big with ice ring, fontain, aquarium, many shops. I bought Levis simple white T-shirt, 99 aed. From there I moved to Burj Khalifa.

For last minut VIP ticket I paid 633 aed, got access to 147 floor, free coffee and sweets. It was not worth the price but I skipped few ques, otherwise I would missed it. No time limit while there so I waited for sunset and fontain show. Nice contrast between day and night view.

Dubai 3

I returned one more time to mall, one more fontain show from below. I tought about visiting Burj al Arab, changed my mind and went to Marina, some search of the Metro. There I meet Maja and Miha after few years.

We had nice chat at their balcony, even had one Laško beer :). It was time to move back to hotel. But ther was no more public transport, so I had to order taxi, 90 aed. I went to shop on the way, 36 aed.

Dubai 4

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