In Abu Dhabi

This morning I woke up late, slowly packing, check out at noon and checkin in next 5 star Corniche hotel for 112 €, got a room with sea view.

In Abu Dhabi 1

Now I moved to Palace with bus. It is really impresive and grandious public office, entry fee 65 aed. From outside white and inside gold covered.

From there I moved to 300m observation deck. There I enjoyed sendwich and beer, 60 aed. We argued about bill.

In Abu Dhabi 2

So I took bus to hotel, stopped in shop on way, 7 aed. When I got back to room I relexed and slept a bit before going out at night. I went to the bar close to hotel. I had few beers, 25 aed. I watched there game with Argentina, listened to Russian singers and talked to Nigerian ladies. Arrived late to the room.

In Abu Dhabi 3

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