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I woke up early, showered and started walking toward main mosque. On my way I saw old part of Manama, graveyard, park, palace I couldnt enter.

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After passing few big crossroads I arrived. There was nice guide for free, explained facts about mosque and islam.

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From there I walked again, stopped in first mall, for imigrants. There I bought earphones, 3 bd. I had enough of walking and took taxi to musem, 3 bd, but on Tuesday it was closed?

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Some more walking in the sun to fancy mall with Gucci and such. I ordered omlette and fresh juice there, 6.5 bd. And now more walking in the old part of town, bought water, .2 bd.

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Again I decided for taxi to fort, 5 bd. Went to fort that is Unesco site, no entry fee, but with bad labeling and it was almost empty. From there followed some more walking to last mall, average in comparison to others, water .7 bd. I rested a bit there and it was time to move to airport. The bus was late and then driver was speeding to make it on time, .3 bd.

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I arrived to airport early and tired. After security I went to Burger king, 8 bd, sat there, ate and charged phone. I went for cigarette and toilet before flight. It was empty flight again, 51 €, sat at wings for great leg space.

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On arrival I took bus A1, added 20 aed on bus card and again some walking to Grand Continental Flamingo hotel close to previous one, 96 €, 3 stars. After shower I went to bed at 2 am.

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