After a short sleep, it was time to get up. First I went to Arishayama bamboo forest, 230 JPY bus. Early in the morning, there was not too big a crowd. I had ice-T, 140 JPY. Returned back to the hotel, showered, and packed.

Close by was Kyoto Imperial palace with a nice garden and I think I saw a wedding.

Kyoto-Myoko 1

Next, I moved to Heian-jingū Shrine with a nice garden, 600 JPY. In front, there was some kind of festival.

Kyoto-Myoko 2

I tried some meat on a skewer, 700 JPY, but the wind got me messy.

Kyoto-Myoko 3

I visited also Nanzen-ji temple and paid 2x 500 JPY. There I sat for a tea in peaceful zen garden with a waterfall, 500 JPY. There is also Suirokaku Aqueduct.

Kyoto-Myoko 4

Now I got to the train station with another metro 230 JPY. Ordered pizza and IPA, 2700 JPY, nothing extra.

Kyoto-Myoko 5

It was time to get to the countryside in Myoko. To get there I needed 4 trains to get there (3800+9800+9800+670 JPY). Before the last local train, I went to shop, 670 JPY.

Kyoto-Myoko 6

I finally got to Kofukan, Myoko. Paid 10.000 JPY for one night in a twin room. This was traditional ryokan with onsen. I had some problems with the reservation.

Kyoto-Myoko 7

When I settled in room with 1980’s interior I went to onsen to relax a bit. On return went to bed, had one beer from mini bar before sleep.

Kyoto-Myoko 8

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