To Bahrain

I woke at 9 AM, slowly to bathroom and to the pool. After 1h I was back in the room and packed. Check out was at 12h.

To Bahrain 1

While you need visa, 9 bd, for Bahrain and I applied last moment online, I went to Embassy with taxi, 31 aed, to check if I will get it on time. Didn’t get info there, try some calls and no luck. I was worried if I will arrive to destination.

To Bahrain 2

From there I moved to Sheikh Zayed mosque. It is beatiful building in White, many domes, blue pools, biggest carpet, chandalier. You need free registration and walk through undergrounf tunnel. After visit I ate at Mc for 9 €. On bus to airport I got online visa but incorrect passport number! So I tried by applying again. At airport nobody complicated. This Wizzair flight was long 1h, costed 51€ and was empty.

To Bahrain 3

On arrival I didnt show faulty visa, so I just got issued new one there, 5 bd. I worried for nothing and paid twice. Now I took bus to city, .3 bd. Walk to shitty Plaza hotel, 11.5 bd. I went out for dinner, in fast food I ordered fried chicken, 2.6 bd.

To Bahrain 4

Late at night I went out, area with imigrants, dodgy, stray dogs and cats, rats. Find Hooters, shitty Indian bar with beer for 1.5 bd and Somali ladies of the night. Left after one beer.

To Bahrain 5

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  1. Lucky that the flight as so empty!