To Abu Dhabi

After 3 day at home I was again on the road. From House Denk Simon drove me to Maribor. At bus station I waited few hours for Flixbus to Vienna. I enjoyed wine from Hiša Denk and went to Casino to buy cigarettes 19 €. I got free beer and enjoyed new comodities while watching people gamble.

To Abu Dhabi 1

A bus ride to Vienna was quick, arrived at 4:30 to Erdung station, half hour early. From there I moved to center with metro, 2.4 €. Next I walked in cold and foggy city before taking train to airport, 4.3 €.

To Abu Dhabi 2

Now I had 5 hours to spent. Found spot in Terminal 3 were I could strech. I bought juice 2.2 €, went for a cigarette and it was time for security check. There I took slice of pizza, 8.5 €. Some additional waiting before boarding and we flew at 12:40 with Wizzair, 75 €.

To Abu Dhabi 3

This flight was long 6h. I couldn’t sleep while kid behind me was kicking seat constantly. I ordered chips and beer, 8.5 €. On arrival there was long passport control for first timers, no vaccination/Covid check. I went to ATM, bought bus card 20 aed, sim card 125 aed.

To Abu Dhabi 4

While I waited for bus I smoked a cigarette. A bus ride and walk to hotel took around 1h. I stayed at 4 star Golden Tulip Downtown hotel to relex a bit. I went out for dinner at 1 am, big shwarma and mango juice, 50 aed.

To Abu Dhabi 5

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