Around Jerusalem

I woke up early, showered, repacking and I was out before 8 am. I walked to Jaffa gate into Old town.

Around Jerusalem 1

Moved around diffetent qarters until city was not fully woke and not too much tourists were there yet. Saw many holy place, didn’t enter them. To east side around Dome on the rock, Western wall.

Around Jerusalem 2

Around midday things were ope so I bought some spices, 20 NIS, drunk pomegrate juice 10 NIS, had lamb kebab with meze for 60 NIS.

Soon ot was tme to move to bus station, uphill again, saw traffic accident, bought water 10 NIS. I arrived early, sat somewhere with internet connection and it was time for another 4+ hours bus ride.

Around Jerusalem 3

At Eliat I shared taxi with 3 Italians, 40 NIS. At border we paid exit tax, 110 NIS. After crossing the border, we took another taxi to Aqaba, 10 JD. I reserved room for two nights for 66 JD at Cedar hotel. We went for nice dinner, 11 JD. 4 packs of cigarette for 10 JD.

Around Jerusalem 4

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