Woke up early, packed, and ate breakfast. Now I moved to the airport by taxi, 15.5 KRW. At the airport long procedures, waiting, and smoking. Flight 1 hour long was OK, enough space for legs. On arrival to Japan again long procedures, got a visa for 10 days? Money exchange and buying SIM card 6000 JPY-installation.

Busan-Fukuoka 1

I moved to Fukuoka by bus, 360 JPY, trouble paying. It was raining. At the main bus station searching for an umbrella, 1200 JPY. Visited 3 temples/shrines.

Busan-Fukuoka 2

Bought Pepsi at a vending machine, 140 JPY. Next, I moved to castle ruins surrounded by a big park. Many flowers were there, special were hanging azaleas.

Busan-Fukuoka 3

I walked uphill to another temple. From there I moved to port and ate ramen 800 JPY, Fukuoka’s famous dish.

Busan-Fukuoka 4

In shop, I bought Asahi (260 JPY) beer and relaxed by the river.

Busan-Fukuoka 5

Back to the bus station, walked around, ate at McDonald’s for 800 JPY, menu+ice cream. Found night bus, spacious but weird, 36 €.

Busan-Fukuoka 6

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