I woke up around 9 am and after the bathroom packed (slides) and moved on. I went to Gyeongbokgung palace, the entrance was 3k KRW, free if you wore traditional clothes (many did). The palace on 40 hectares from the 14 century was devastated by the Japanese at the end of the 16 century and in the early 20th century. Now restoration is still an ongoing process. You see from the main gate, Thorne Hall, a pavilion on an artificial island, a museum, … similar to other Far East architecture, such as Forbidden City, but here they use not just red but also a lot of green color.

Seoul-Busan 1

From there I moved to Sejong-aero (King’s Road), many governmental buildings, and museums on my way, also some protests. By accident found a museum underground about a king and further on some shops.

Seoul-Busan 2

I was again back at Seoul station. I had some time to spend. First I ate at Burger King, 8k KRW, average service. After some waiting I boarded the KTX fast train (up to 305 kmh) for Busan, a lot of tunnels on or way, some cities and farmland.

Seoul-Busan 3

At Busan station again a group of Christians sang. I went with a bus (1.5k KRW same card as in Seoul) to K-Guesthouse Seomyeon 1. I paid 68€ for two nights in a private room with a bathroom and a shared kitchen with breakfast (cereal, toast, juice).

Seoul-Busan 4

After showering and washing clothes, I went out for dinner, rice bowl with beef, 8k KRW. I bought one beer for 8k KRW before returning to my room.

Seoul-Busan 5

I room I had beer, bought at the shop. 2l for 8k KRW. Outside was quite loud so I went out again. In front of one bar where people already slept at the table, I spoke with some locals, about work, the army, and neighbors. I sat in a bar and had a beer and soju, 17k KRW. I was joined by some drunk local. He didn’t speak English so communication was challange but it was fun.

Seoul-Busan 6

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