Abu Dhabi to Vienna

After last night I was a bit tired, so i didnt wake up early. Even when I got up, I slowly packed than bathroom, spoke with roomies in hostel.

Finally with Nico we went out, find a place to ate, had shisha, spent last local money, 88 aed than bus to airport, card was empty.

Abu Dhabi to Vienna 1

At airport crowd at checkin. Afterwe we moved to bar, beer 45 aed 2 strong ones and watched end of game. After two hours, one more beer, cigaretts and moroccan fan we moved to gate, flight was delayed 30 minutes. Flight was packed, 6 hours on small seats, good thing seat next to me was empty.

Abu Dhabi to Vienna 2

After arrival with Nico we walked in freezing cold to gas station for sendwich and beer, 8 eur. Than we walked back to airport. I accompanied him to train and it was time to farewell. I bought Flixbus ticket on wrong date, so I bought new one, 25 + 70 eur. Flixbus ride was 6 hours. There I talked to Italian girls and Greek soldiers visiting Ljubljana. Sister picked me up at station and drove me home. That was end of 1 month trip.

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