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I woke early, transport with owner to airport, 5 omr. We had a tea on our way there. Nice small airport they have. but slow service. Soon I was on the plane, again at emergency exit on empty Wizzair flight, 23 €.

Back to Abu Dhabi 1

In Abu Dhabi I routinly moved to hostel, met there Karim and Nico. I went for quick meal, 25 aed and on tour in desert, 68 eur. Toyota picked me up, Indian guide and korena copassangers. First we stopped at camel farm, few sad old camels and tourist in there face. Next was dune bashing – highlight od tour.

On arrival in camp we could ride a camel for 100m, sad. Also cana hand painting was available. For dinner they had some kebab scewer and pasta? You could take photo with hawk.

Nice was performance by belly dancer and swirling dervish. We had star gazing with too many lights on. We returned late back, I was not satisfied.

For evening plans, they didnt get through so I went to bar to watch game, Guiness was 40 aed. I played some pool, returned with taxi and was late in bed

Back to Abu Dhabi 2

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