Abu Dhabi to Muscat

I woke up, after shower I went out. Close to hotel was just stadium of FC Al Jazeera, so I went there. All was closed, shop should open in few minutes but it didnt. There was no entrance for public but I found some open gate for quick photo.

Abu Dhabi to Muscat 1

On way to hotel I ate at Afghani restaurant, 13 aed.

Abu Dhabi to Muscat 2

Check out from hotel and moved with bus towards airport close by. At airport getting boarding pass and setting up at my favorite place at 1A terminal, with electricity.

Abu Dhabi to Muscat 3

This time Wizzair flight was full, nothing extra to report, 52 €. At arrival there was longer passport control. I bought cigarettes at duty free, 12.5 omr for 10 boxes. Now it was time to wait for bus, met Franch guy. A taxi driver peristent, missed one bus arguing.

Abu Dhabi to Muscat 4

Next one we caight with Russian couple and went to city, 0.5 orm. Now there was some walking and stop at mall. I bought food and ate at Carrefour chicken masala and samosa 2.5 + .8 omr.

Next was walk to Centra hotel, 25 €, crossed dry river bed – wadi. In hotel I watched football on the phone by the pool.

Abu Dhabi to Muscat 5

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