Mt. Nebo and Petra by night

In the morning, after breakfast, same taxi picked me at hotel. I paid 30 JD for half day. We drove to Mt. Nebo where Moses saw promised land before dying. There you have nice view toward Palestine and Dead sea. Also some remainings of church with mosaics, 2 JD.

Mt. Nebo and Petra by night 1

From there we moved to Madaba. There I visited St. George orthodox church, great mosaic there, 1 JD. I bought some postcards, jordan scarf and pomegranate juice, 4 JD. Next was mosaic shop, interesting place but expensive. So I had tea and we moved on.

Mt. Nebo and Petra by night 2

From there we moved to South bus station in Amman. Now it was time for bus to Petra, 5JD. I waited almost 2h for bus to fill up before we moved on to Wadi Musa.

First moved to Petra gate hotel, 16 JD, again cheap place. After refreshing and kebab dinner 9 JD I moved to Gregors hotel with taxi, 3 JD. I joined there group for night visit to Petra, 17 JD. We moved there with bus and than walked on path lit with candles to Threasury. Some performance, tea but it was not worth it and I don’t suggest visiting this place. On return I walked from Gregors hotel and to the bed.

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