Dead sea and Amman

Woke up at 7:30 after few hours of sleep and went to breakfast, omlette and some cheese and vegetables. From there moved to sea. It was interesting experience swiming in that water, different then all other I experienced. But soon you have enough of it. From there I moved to pools a bit and back to room. After shower and packing it was time for check out at noon.

Dead sea and Amman 1

From hotel walked about 2 km in the sum to bus station, asked few times to find my way. On my way bought water, asked about options of transport and try to hitchike.

Dead sea and Amman 2

At station some highschool kid helped me with transport. On crowded bus with kids we drove to another station in Rama, one even paid my ticket 0,5 JD. Anpother bus to Amman, less crowded 1 JD.

Dead sea and Amman 3

First, I walked arond town from station, up hill to Rainbow street-touristic, again down hill to Hassani mosque, not able to enter it, street market all around. From there to big Roman theater and smaller Odeon and some museum.

Dead sea and Amman 4

It was late and I was tyred, not able to go to citadel on foot. So I took taxi to citadel on one of seven hills, a lot of different ruins. Than we moved to King Abdullah I blue mosque, museum, interior, shop with tea. Last was Hamoudah hotel, 15 JD, cheap in center and of low quality. I had a dinner in local fastfood, half chicken with many thing aside for 5 JD. Just few minutes away from hotel. I fall asleep early.

Dead sea and Amman 5

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