Paphos to Amman

After night out I woke tired, missed breakfast and went to pool were I was alone. Bought water and coke, 4 €. After checkout at noon I first went to King tombs, 2.5 €. Even it is UNESCO sight I was not impressed, maybe one tomb was advanced.

Paphos to Amman 1

From there I moved to promenade and had chicken with mushrooms for lunch, 17 €. Next it was another historical site Kato, 4.5 €. Big area with few sites, with collonade, mosaics, theather, …

Paphos to Amman 2

Now it was time to return car, went smothly. With shuttle they moved me to the airport. Waiting there few hours, ate burger with fries 10 €, later for water 2 €. Flight was delayed half an hour, but we went on, 2 days later there was strike on this airport.

Paphos to Amman 3

After two hours we arrived to Amman. At airport I bought SIM, 15 JD and with taxi drove to Dead sea, 35 JD. At hotel Grand East met with Gregor for a beer, 7 JD. I went to bed late.

Paphos to Amman 4

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