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Paphos is city on western coast in Cyprus, Europe

Archaeological Park of Kato (Paphos) - Cyprus

Paphos to Amman

After a night out I woke tired, missed breakfast, and went to the pool where I was alone. Bought water and coke, 4 €. After checkout at noon I first went to King Tombs,...

Büyük Han, Nicosia, Northern Cyprus

Nicosia to Paphos

During night roomies woke me up because of my snorig. Next morning had orange and went out. In bakery bought sandwich and water for 5 €. Cross border to Turkish part on foot. Met...

Aerodrom - letališče - airport - Zagreb, Croatia - Franjo Tuđman

To Cyprus

At airport I arrived around 5h in the morning by taxi directly from a night out with Vesna (The Cure concert). After security, I bought a souvenir 3€ for Tina and went to the...