To Cyprus

At airport I arrived around 5h in the morning by taxi directly from a night out with Vesna (The Cure concert). After security, I bought a souvenir 3€ for Tina and went to the gate. I stretched there on one of the benches and slept for an hour while waiting for flight to Cyprus.

To Cyprus 1
Zagreb Airport

I was a bit confused when I woke up, but I didn’t miss the flight. I had one more hour before boarding the Ryanair flight, for 104 € because I bought it last minute. The flight was nothing special, except the kid next to me didn’t let me sleep. Svit, 2-year-old kid was sitting next to me, I smiled at him once. It was a mistake, he would poke me and try to speak with me. I was sleepy, so I tried to bribe him with chips (4 €), but it made things worse.

To Cyprus 2
Flight to Cyprus

So we landed in Cyprus before I had a chance to sleep. On arrival, I moved with a shuttle to Green motion to rent a car. I paid 126 € for 3 day rental of a Toyota Vitz, a small car with automatic gear. The process was smooth and the lady there prolonged my rental for six hours, with no extra charge, so I didn’t need to be at the airport 6 hours earlier. It was the first time I had to drive with the wheel on the right side. After a few hundred meters I arrived at a roundabout and waited for the first car to be sure that I will join correctly. The first day was stressful. The most common mistake was mixing the wiper with the signal lights. I didn’t like this experience.

To Cyprus 3

On arrival 45 minutes later to Limassol I changed into shorts and flip-flops in a parking lot while it was 28 degrees. I met Tina there after many years. We sat at the promenade in Caffe Nero and had Starbucks-style coffee (6 €). She had been living here now already 5 years. She gave me a lot of insight about life there in 3 hours we were there. Later I walked on the promenade to port. I ate a kebab for 13 € at Thymari, tasty, chicken meat, some salad, peppers, spicy sauce, and pita bread. From there I walked through the old city back to the car, and saw some churches and one mosque on my way.

To Cyprus 4

From there I drove one more hour to Larnaca. On arrival I realized I messed hotel reservation, it was not confirmed and I didn’t check. So I took another shitty place, Onisillos hotel for 37 €. After showering, I rested few hours. In the evening I went out and walked a bit around the old town, bought cigarettes 2x, 10 €. Sat in DSTRKT and tried two small local beers, 9 €. Before midnight I was back in bed

To Cyprus 5

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