The Cure – Zagreb

My attendance to the Cure concert I own to Dino. I met him in April, when he mentioned concert and I bought 2 tickets (one was 350 HRK). Forgot about it for half a year. I had two tickets for their Lost World tour concert, so I had to find someone to accompany me there. Vesna, who lives in Zagreb, joined me at concert.

From work I left early, half an hour before bus was scheduled. First I went to the bank, bought some HRK, they had no USD. On my way to station I recieved message, bus was late 20 minutes. So I stopped at Pink Elephant to say hi to Gregor. At the station I waited more than an hour, Flixbus (17 €) was late 70 minutes. One guy bought me drink while waiting, because I explained what was going on with the bus. A ride to border was standard. At border we lost another 45 minutes, At Croatian side there was no policeman for 15 minutes.

the Cure live at Arena Zagreb

I got nervous and thought I will be late. At station Vesna got me taxi, I drove to her place where I left my bag, she joined me and we continued to Arena. We entered venue at begining of the first song by the Cure, we completly missed perforamce by The Twilight Sad. Price of a beer was 4 EUR-30 HRK.

Concert started slowly with singers melancholic vokal. For most of songs they took their time for guitar intro/outro, 1-2 minutes. For some song there were up to four guitars. This was part where bend enjoyed themselves. Roberth Smith (63 years) didn’t lose hise voice and bend was playing good. Probably Simon Gallup was most and Roger O’Donnell least energetic on the stage. Here they promoted new material from last album; Alone, And Nothing is Forever, Endsong and I Can Never Say Goodbye.

the cure
the Cure

Main part of concert was dominated by songs like Pictures of You, Lovesong, Push and The Forest. But they returned twice to stage. On the second encore, they returned with old, more pop and known songs. They brought their 15000 fans (from 20 to 60 years old) to extasy. Maybe bend didn’t enjoyed it as fans, but songs like Lullaby, Friday I’m in Love or Boys Don’t Cry couldnt be missed from setlist. Alltogether they were on stage more than 2.5 hours with 27 song. One of longest concerts I went to. In between for short I met with Dino and Špela.

After concert, with Vesna we went for a drink to comment on this great concert and finished at Nec bar, interesting experience. From there directly to airport and further to Cyprus with Ryanair.

Setlist for the Cure concert at Arena Zagreb 2022

Pictures of You
A Night Like This
And Nothing Is Forever
The Hungry Ghost
Play for Today
A Forest
The Last Day of Summer
Shake Dog Shake
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
I Can Never Say Goodbye
Prayers for Rain
One Hundred Years
Encore 2:
The Walk
Friday I’m in Love
Close to Me
In Between Days
Just Like Heaven
Boys Don’t Cry

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