Đorđe Balašević – Stožice 25.5.2018

I started to a concert by Đorđe Balašević from a business picnic by the Sava. I couldn’t play volleyball due to a leg injury, but I still cheered for my team. Anže and Nadja took me to Stožice. Katka and Marija were already waiting for me there. It was a concert on the 40th anniversary of his musical career as part of the “Baron’s Ball” tour of the major cities of the former Yugoslavia. Ljubljana was the final concert on Youth Day.

Đorđe Balašević – Ringišpil

The hall was not empty but it was not full as well, more than 7,000 tickets have been sold. Đole, of course, did not disappoint. He has wonderful lyrics, he communicated uniquely with the audience. The best feature is storytelling, this ease of telling a story, both in songs and in anecdotes, with which he connects the performance and animates the audience. He was accompanied by 17 great musicians, the scenery on stage was nice. All together a little too big for my perception of the Pannonian sailor.

During the three hours of the concert, he walked through the rich repertoire, from songs from the time of the Rani mraz, to classics from the Yugoslav period and, last but not least, new material. We were on the ground floor at the beginning, later we move to the stand where I sit on the stairs because my leg couldn’t take it anymore. I will remember this experience of the concert as nostalgic, in pleasant company, but perhaps not enough intimate atmosphere for Balašević.

Setlista Đorđe Balašević 25.5.2018 – Stožice

  • Baronov bal
  • Otilia
  • Mala vidra s Begeja
  • Neki novi klinci (Rani mraz )
  • Priča o Vasi Ladačkom (Rani mraz )
  • Boža zvani Pub
  • Ljerka
  • Mirka (Rani mraz)
  • Marina (Rani mraz)
  • Olivera
  • Provincijalka
  • Ringišpil
  • Ja luzer?
  • Nevernik
  • Unikatna
  • Galicia
  • Ne lomite mi bagrenje
  • Ćaletova pesma
  • Mati
  • D-moll
  • Tvoj neko
  • Svirajte mi jesen stiže dunjo moja
  • Ljudmila
  • Devojka sa čardaš nogama
  • Slabo divanim madžarski
  • Anita
  • Namćor
  • Sin jedinac
  • Hej, haj baš nas brige (Rani mraz)
  • Encore:
  • Lepa protina kći
  • Bože, Bože…
  • Odlazi cirkus (Rani mraz)

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