To North Cyprus

At 6 AM builders close by woke me. Try to get some more sleep. Later planned the day. Around 9 am I went to beach to jump in sea. On my way there saw church, mosque and castle. In shop spent 3 €. Returned at 10 to hotel

To North Cyprus 1

Got some more sleep, packed and left hotel in the after noon. Another walk in town. Went for lunch in Ocean basket, Tina’s recomendation. Ordered plate for 1 person and a beer, with tip I paid 24 €. Meal was mixture of sea food, tasty and big portion. There were prawns, fish, calamri, clams, rice and fries with 3 different sauces. Maybe fish was weakest part.

To North Cyprus 2
Sea food

Walked back to the car. First stop was Hala Sultan tekke on salty lake with flamengos. Spent 50 € at gas station. From there I drove to border close to Famagusta. Parked 1 km before border, walked across and there took taxi 9 € to Varosha (Maras) ghoast town. While waited for taxi had a beer, 1.6 € beer. Walking among ruins was sad experience of city in decay. Then again I took taxi to Famagusta, 3€. Walk to Citadel wall with great views. Close to mosque in main square live performace, another beer 2.7 €. Bought cigarettes for 1.9 €. Last taxi back to border. But in confusion he took me to wrong border. After some arguing- we turned around, 19 €.

To North Cyprus 3

Walking across border to car and driving to Nicosia. I had some problems with signal and GPS. I was staying in Nex hostel, 17 €. Again some problems with bed reservation, but they solved it. Also parking was a challenge. After shower I sat on sofa and wrote this.

To North Cyprus 4

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