Nicosia to Paphos

During night roomies woke me up because of my snorig. Next morning had orange and went out. In bakery bought sandwich and water for 5 €.

Nicosia to Paphos 1

Cross border to Turkish part on foot. Met Polish couple from room. We had nice chat. Moved around old town, had a shave, 5 €. Before returning I bought some sweets for 5 €. Before leaving town visited Cyprus museum for free.

Nicosia to Paphos 2

Now it was 2h ride through serpentines to the mountains, monastery Kykkos, impresive sight. I bought some souvenirs and water 5 €. Another 2 h drive downhill. It was nice trip into green part of island. On my way to Paphos I stopped over at Aphrodite rock with beach.

Nicosia to Paphos 3

In Agapinor hotel took shower and met Polish guys again at kebab fast food, 7 € gyros and beer. From there I went out, to try nightlife, returned in early hours to hotel,with taxi, spent some money.

Nicosia to Paphos 4

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