Petra by day

After few hours of sleep I packed and walked to Petra. At 6 am there was already crowd in ticket line. Still I was among first ones. From gates some 10 minutes walk to Sig, first tombs there. Another 15 minutes walk in Siq gorge, with narrow beautiful colored walls. This gorge opens at Trasury, main attraction in Petra. This iconic tomb we remember from Indiana Jones movie. I paid guid for view from top, 4 JD.

From there I walked pass street of facades to end of Siq where it opens. Most of street vendors was not up yet. On the left side there is roman thater for 4000 people. On the right side I climbed some steps to royal tombs, nice colorful layers of sandstone inside and big facades from outside. I waljed on upperside past bizantin church with nice mosaics and lion temple.

Petra by day 1

Last was majestic Monestary, but you have to climb 850 stair up. Bought some water and souvenires while walking, rested on my way up, 8 JD. For another view of Monastery some more climbing. There I took coffe cigarete and cookies, 8 JD.

Long way down, stopoed for kebab and water, 8 JD. Now walk back to entrance, very tired, passed colonnaded street with biggest Temple. At exit stopoed at musem, Freeman.entrance. Had enough of walking so I took taxi to hotel 2 JD. Paid another night there plus water 18 JD. I left laudry at reception while everything was dirty. I took shower, lied down, tired and full of impressions.

Petra by day 2

After few hours of rest I went out for dinner, lamb in yogurth sauce eaten by hand and mint tea, 12 €. On way back met Ali, taxi driver from Amman. It was time for bed and bit of planing before I fell asleep

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