I have to meet with Nataša at Gea College in WTC for next year program during lunch time . We arranged the formal part fairly quickly, a few words about the private part and I was already on my way back. In order not to waste time, I looked for a restaurant nearby. 150 m away on the other side of the road 151 Gastro house (Dunajska 151). It has a few tables on the terrace, but they were all taken. Got a table inside. The equipment is fairly new.


I was served by a young waiter, who is running around. Burgers, pastas, risottos and other main dishes and casseroles are available in the offer. There is also a daily lunch menu. I chose tuna steak with mashed potatoes. Since it was lunch time, I waited a few minutes longer than I expected. The presentation was fairly simple on a large plate, but the portion is not small. The tuna itself is well seared but not overcooked. The puree is with truffles, I haven’t decided on it, but I liked the fish, and there were lumps in the potatoes. The sauce was fresh. When I finished it was time to say goodbye, I paid €11. Average experience


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