Wadi Rum-day in desert

I woke at 5am, packed, 8collected laumdry and went to bus station. Plan was to go north and cross border at Jericho but it was complicated and on Friday.

Wadi Rum-day in desert 1

So I changed my mind and went south to Wadi Rum. I took a bus 10 JD, if I knew before they would pick me up at hotel. It was nice ride, sitting in front, sharing breakfast with driver. From Czech couple I took contact for desert tour and called Wadi Rum Magic. They had extra space for 60 JD.

Wadi Rum-day in desert 2

On arrival, after half an hour, our guide picked us up with Toyota, where Franch couple joined. We all sat in the back of pickup and we drove into the desert. On our way we had many stops. First it was Lawrance spring, going uphill for view I passed and talked to Slovenians. Next was his house, just some ruble and another climb for view.

At one dune leaning on rock back where movie about him was filmed. We also stopped at 2 stone bridges, with many people standing in line for photo. In between we had lunch, prepared by guid, tasty. Also we were in 3 canyons, o e had ancient inscriptions and other 2 we passed through. Last stop was for sunset with some tea.

In the evening we arrived to camp. I got tent for my self. We had dinner prepared in sand. In camp there were also 8 older Canadians. After dinner we talked and played some cards.

Wadi Rum-day in desert 3

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