Pizzeria Parma

After a long time, I met with Danijela and Nina in Pizzeria Parma. This place is an institution and not just another pizza place. This is the oldest Pizzeria in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and ex-Yugoslavia (Kora bar was maybe before). It opened its door back in 1973/4 at the south end of Maxi passage by hotel Ilirija. In almost half a century many owners changed. Last two decades Jure Kadunc is the owner here. You can sit on a bar stool or at a few tables inside. On the opposite side of the stairs, there is a garden. In the beginning, was popular as a new thing in town, later it was placed for students and today is a place of nostalgia.

Pizzeria Parma 1

The pizza there is old school, small – 22 cm in diameter, with thick dough and a lot of toppings. Far away from what would we consider today as good pizza. They still use the old electric oven Akrilux Cerovac Koper there and the pizza is inside for 4,5 minutes. If you check the menu here are names with connotations like Tito, Tomos 4, i. cankar, stm, rc elan, veliki oder, edvard, ios, f. prešeren, g. verdi. The typical order would be Ilirija z (cheese, ham, mushrooms with egg). The mandatory drink is blueberry soda from the machine, which is way too sweet.

Pizzeria Parma 2

To return to our last visit. I had Mexico 68/86. memento to Olimpic games and World cup (mozzarella, turkey ham, fresh paprika, corn, nacho cheese, hot peppers), and girls had Ios (mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, bocconcini mozzarella, Genovese pesto, virgin olive oil, pine nuts) – one was a bit too crunchy and there was an abundance of pine nuts. Even small it was enough, with a taste of memories. The bill for all was 30 €.

Pizzeria Parma 3

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