Vovko Inn

On the way back from sailing trip, Gregor suggests that we stop at the Vovko inn, because he has already been there and was satisfied with the experience. We drove in bad weather and barely catch the kitchen still open.

We sat down in the main dining room, where the tables are made of parquet and the floor is made of the roofing of one manor house and the portal from another manoir. Pleasant and warm atmosphere. In addition to us, there was another company celebrating a birthday and, in another couple. The drink this time was homemade apple juice and water.

We order a couple of different appetizers and share them: beef (Svenu lost it) and pumpkin (no excess) soup, snails (good sauce, hot and hard to get them out), beef carpaccio (Gregor’s favorite, thinly sliced beef with parmesan on salad, candied fruit overpowering taste) and trout tartar (my favorite; smoked trout, horseradish, trout caviar, pumpkin oil mayonnaise), all accompanied by good homemade bread.

Vovko Inn 1

I chose the lamb for the main course, the meat was soft and tasty, accompanied by well-fried potatoes and vegetables, which did not impress me. Gregor took roast beef, Teja fish and Sven rolls with lamb ragout.

Vovko Inn 2
glavna jed

We are already full, but the waiter convinced us to have dessert, their homemade cake, which is light and not too sweet.

Vovko Inn 3

For a digestif, I also took an aged plum brandy, which completes the whole experience. The bill was a bit over €50 per person. The Michelin plate is rightly awarded to them. So, if you are in the vicinity, I suggest you stop at this guest house, where you can also sleep over.

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