Supernatural – resaurant

We wandered into Supernatural restaurant by accident. After the movie, we didn’t want to go home yet. We walked over Čopova street which was empty. All the lights were switched off, except on Pogačar square. There we saw a skating park. I remembered last time I passed by there was light in ex-Magda, so we moved to the corner to check it out. And there was this new restaurant with bright lights compared to the previous setting.


As a smoker, I opted to sit outside under a heater. The waiter was helpful. We were not hungry but still ordered french fries (4 €) and shrimps (8€). We ordered some white one, french, biodynamic. Potatoes were soft and crunchy at the same time, spicy just enough. Shrimps were well prepared in white wine, parsley, garlic, lemon, and tomato. On the side, we got some toasted bread, tasty. As for wine we were not too excited, so the next one from Croatia was better. All together was 29 €.

While sitting there it was peaceful, like we were alone in Ljubljana. Then Goran passed and explained what COVID consequences he has. The waiter left us to finish in peace long after 22h. So it was time to go home. Again on our way back into the cold night.

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