Volleyball world championship, Stožice, FRA:CAM, SLO:GER

The 20th World Volleyball Championship was also partially organized in Ljubljana. Of course, the Slovenian national team also played here. As a volleyball fan, I decided to watch at least one match. Because I procrastinate too much, I end up getting barely one ticket for €50 on the green ring, in the corner in row 4. This is the third match in the group. After work I went with colleagues for a drink. From there I took bus 20 to Stožice. A small crowd gathered in front of the hall. The stands are set up, as is the stage. I order a beer, a large one, Union in a plastic glass, which costs 4.5 !!!

Volleyball world championship, Stožice, FRA:CAM, SLO:GER 1

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I slowly move to the entrance. The first match is between France and Cameroon. I have a seat in the 4th row at an angle, but the hall is almost empty and I change for a seat in the middle. At the start in the second row, but the view over the whole field is bad so I moved to the 12th row. As for the match itself, the French are clear favourites. They put a second lineup into the game, the main players didn’t even warm up.

In the first two sets, the Cameroonians lasted until 5 before their opponents escaped. In the third, they were still close at 15. The ball passers are interestingly organized. With the match over, there is now some time left until the second match, the highlight of the evening. When I left the hall, quite a few fans are already outside.


Volleyball world championship, Stožice, FRA:CAM, SLO:GER 2

I get into a conversation with a German fan from Dresden and it was time to return back to the hall. This time it was a completely different atmosphere, all the seats are occupied, there are loud cheers for every point. For a short time I went to the fourth row and then to the top of the green ring. The atmosphere was really great, the fans were loud and the Slovenian national team paid it with a smooth victory.

Germany only came close in one set, but victory was never in question. After the match, I celebrated with another beer and took a taxi home around half past eleven. At the end of the tournament, Slovenia wins the 4th place after losing the semi-final to the champions Italy and the third place match to the Brazilians.

Volleyball world championship, Stožice, FRA:CAM, SLO:GER 3

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