Trta pizza place

After work, Andreja picked me up at work and we drove to Grudnove nabrežje, where we parked and headed to the Trta pizzeria. We were sitting in the garden in front of an early Baroque house, under a 200-year-old vine. This place opened in 1986, but the pizzeria has been around since 1998. Here they offer a wide selection of pizzas, salads, sausages, pastas, and desserts.

Trta pizza place 1

I’m not too hungry and choose a little Devil’s Pizza. For drink I ordered a draft beer from Tektonik. They bring a pizza that is quite small, it is loaded like a classic pizza, only fresh pepperoni is on the top. The dough is still old school, the taste is not bad, I also add Chili Pipp sauce to brighten up the taste. We ate in peace and chated a little before heading home. The bill is €29 for 3x small pizza, 2x large and 2x small beer. It’s not too much, but out of respect for tradition or because Milan works here, I will come back here again.

Trta pizza place 2

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