Picaboj in Ljubljana

Because Andreja had decided to join at work, we decided to celebrate with food. We went to the intersection of Slovenska and Rimska road (Rimska 6, 01/2926505), where there is now a new pizzeria – Picaboj. The driving force behind this project is Gregor Markelj. He has a reputation as one of the best pizza chefs in the capital. He was educated in Napoli, among other places, and we ate his pizzas at the 5-6 kg Inn. He also has a musical career behind him (Fiji aka Picaboj).

Picaboj in Ljubljana 1

When we arrived at the bar, the tables were in the sun and we moved them a little. The restaurant is nicely furnished, where the orange color stands out. Self-service applies to drinks so I went to the fridge to get a beer. There are 8 types of pizza on the menu. There is also a weekly pizza, this week it was (pelati, dry salami, homemade pancetta, mixed mushrooms (shiitake, beech oyster, mushrooms), baked basil, baked parmesan, pitted olives, egg).

Picaboj in Ljubljana 2

Since we were not too hungry, we took one weekly pizza in half, each one his egg. The pizza is delicious, the dough is a combination of Neapolitan and Roman style (use it after 2 days of rising). the egg is well fried – the yolk runs out, the combination of ingredients is delicious. I took the Lana hot sauce with mango, but it is too mild, on contrary the peperoncino was OK. I asked owner about the bad knife, but he said he already ordered the right pizza knives.

Picaboj in Ljubljana 3

We slowly ate the pizza and had a drink, in between talking with Fiji and the guests. After 2 hours we left the bar full and paid €22 for this luxury. Definitely a place where pizza lovers must stop. You can also order via the Wolt app.

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