Restaurant Lucky in Barbariga

On Saturday morning, I drove to Barbariga, cleaned the apartment in about 2 hours, and, got tired and hungry, I decided to visit the Lucky tavern. It is located near the main store and has its own parking lot. In addition to the space inside, it also has a larger terrace, which is partially covered. The equipment is standard.

Restaurant Lucky in Barbariga 1

Their menu includes a typical offer for this type of restaurant on the Croatian coast (meat, grill, fish, seafood, pasta, salads, desserts). They also offer affordable daily lunches (soup, main course, salad/dessert for less than €10). I was quite hungry and I decided on sea bass with Swiss chard and potatoes. I ordered an Ožujsko beer with it. 500g portion of sea bass was well grilled. maybe a piece of potato was missing in the side dish. After another small beer, I moved on to Lovrečica to Andreja. I paid about €22.

Indeed, this restaurant is the best Barbariga has to offer. Otherwise, it is not a culinary excess, but you can get a tasty lunch at a moderate price in the varied offer. But one thing pushed me into nostalgia. The owner is an Albanian from Macedonia, the waiters are from Serbia, the guests are mostly Slovenians, I was there, and the whole thing is in Croatia – the ex-Yugoslavia moment.

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